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John Kelly Gives Omarosa Manigault Limited Access to the White House

Trump's Gun Rights Comments May Be His Downfall

Warren Joins Clinton in Ohio Campaign

Sanders Sides with Clinton

Clinton Speaks to Detroit Union Workers

Trump has world leaders worried

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Some Think Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize should be Revoked

The recent course of action taken by Aung San Kyi seems to amaze many. The powerful leader is the de facto head of Myanmar. For an extended period, she was full of vigor and willpower towards attaining freedom for her country and its people. Despite unsuccessful liberty efforts, the people of…

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Newborns Die in Hospital Fire in Baghdad

A fire razed Yarmouk Hospital in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Tuesday night. The horrible incident caught the attention of the world media. The casualties were twelve newborn babies some of whom had been born prematurely. The official report gave the cause of the fire as an electrical fault. The…

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Freedom of movement (passports) after Brexit

With waters raging out of control in the Eastern United States and fires engulfing thousands of acres on the Western coast, many American’s are wondering what Brexit is and why there is so much fuss about it. Brexit is just an abbreviation for “British Exit”, which took place on…

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Why women are angry with Trump’s opinions

Donald Trump has based his campaign in terms of racism and sore words against women and what they represent. His misogyny seems to surface in his speeches and this has not been received well by women. Trump went from being outsider to becoming controversial and spewing his opinions without any…

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California protesters clash before Trump’s rally

Donald Trump’s rhetoric towards immigrants, and Latinos in particular, has brought him success in states with less diverse populations. California, however, is a different story. Not only is the state massive, but it has a strong base of immigrants from Mexican families, not to mention areas…

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